Dienstag, 1. Dezember 2009

WELTMEISTER TO 10 ** Repairs

I recently bought a WELTMEISTER TO 10 (German Democratic Republic) which was a real mess. Keys totally bent, fuse gone, fuse lid gone, interior parts missing all the way.

First thing i wanted to fix were the keys. They could be pressed but came up way too high. Unscrewing the case showed that this was an easy fix: All the faulty keys had their ends (which hold them down) badly bent. At first i tried un-screwing every key and then re-bnding it, but that's too tricky. Found an easier way: Just pull the bad key waaaay up. The bent end should be visible now. Take a big screwdriver or something similar to re-bend the ends of the keys. Bend them over the top, so the key can slide back into its place properly. Now take a look at the whole thing from downside: The end is overbent. But that's no problem, just bend it into place, like you can see in the pick.

Missing key contact wires:
I already wanted to trash the whole thing when i saw that like 15 key contact wires were missing. But sometimes you just get lucky: When shaking the organ, nearly all the missing parts (ca. 30) came tumbling out. What a surprise! Among them were most of the wires! Yippee!

Check the pic to see the missing wires from the downside.

Replacing those bastards can be a little tricky. Have two screwdrivers ready. The pic should give you an idea how they should be placed.


  1. Hello, I´am from Czech Republic and I have WELTMEISTER TO 10. Would you buy it?

    e-mail: sauer2003@seznam.cz

  2. Hello, I have a weltmeister to 10, it could be good for parts or a repair project (a few screws missing, otherwise okay. Email me at solteszpeter91@gmail.com