Donnerstag, 29. Oktober 2009

Vox Jaguar and Gem Model P KEY CONTACT CLEANING

There are a lot of nice things about GEM Model P's and VOX JAGUARS. One of them is that you can access key contacts easily (unlike a Farfisa, e.g.). Just unscrew the two top screws and pull the keyboard up (pull it with the keys because the black plastic can break easily, specially with the model you see in the picture which has bass chord knobs).

You can now access any key contact you ever dreamed of. Give them a good scrub with Iso Alcohol 99% and pipe cleaners, toothbrushed or a cloth. Clean the soldering, too.

If a button is depressed, the it will make contact with the long metallic stick. When you're at it, pull out the stick and clean it well, too.
By the way, if some keys crackle or are far louder than others, this might be a "stick issue". Check if the stick sticks in place properly. If not, use some glue to fix it into its place.

On the last picture you can see the bottom of the bass knob section. the mechanism is the same, but it's tinier. you're having more key contact and more little sticks that are far harder to tackle.

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